The Lily Warrior

The Lily Warrior is written for my personal growth as a woman and a Christian, to be precise a Catholic.

Sixteen: the word LOVE has already housed itself in my heart. Mind you, it isn’t the parataxic distortion. Rather its LOVE in the most profound way. A love so great even a suffering becomes sweet. A LOVE that has me struggling, mostly conflicted.

LOVE: the most fundamental element of the articles to be written.

Honesty: in all honesty, I ain’t that kind of person to pen down my thoughts. It’s like standing naked on the street – exposed. But, when an ocean of thoughts surges, so vast you can’t hold it any longer, maybe it’s time. Hence, the birth of The Lily Warrior.

Lily: a flower that symbolizes purity.

Warrior: a brave fighter.

The Lily Warrior: a young woman striving for sainthood.